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About Ya-chai You can enjoy a relaxation massage centered on Asian healing which is gaining attention around the world. "Ya Chai" means "medicine of the mind" in Thai language. As you can enjoy the high-quality healing that reaches your mind, we try our best to treat you according to yourself, such as your physical condition and the power of preference, scent and so on.




 小倉駅傍の繁華街で十年以上営業させていただくなかで、初めてご来店された方に、『街中に静かで異空間な寛げるサロンがあったのですね♪』と嬉しいお言葉をいただきありがたく想っております。施術内容や技術指導は勿論の事でございますが、皆様が大切な方を連れて行きたいと感じれる『おもてなしやサービス』を日々追求しております 。多彩でバリエーションのあるコースからお選びいただけるメニューは様々な組合せを楽しむ事が出来ます。  ご自身のメンテナンスにはもちろん、記念日やプレゼントにもおすすめしております。ご来店の際は是非、店内に流に流れる癒しの音楽に耳を傾け、しばしの休息とエネルギーをチャージしてください。 ゆっくりと寛げる癒しの空間であるようスタッフ一同心がけております。








For first‐time customers

 In the business community for the first time visiting us in the downtown area near Ogura station for more than 10 years, I always appreciate your gratitude saying "There was such a quiet and relaxing salon in the city ♪" We are. As a matter of course not only improvement of treatment contents and therapist's technical skill in this service, but also always pursue every day by putting emphasis on "hospitality and supplementary services". Various combinations can be enjoyed for courses that you can choose from a variety of varied menus. It is recommended not only for your own maintenance, but also for anniversaries and gifts. Please listen to the healing music flowing in the store when you come to the store and enjoy the rest for a while. We strive to be a relaxing and relaxing space for all staff members.




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